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About the British Travel Awards

Engaging consumers with leisure travel and tourism enterprises across the UK.

The British Travel Awards has been registering public opinion on the performance of leisure travel and visitor attraction providers since 2008. Over this period the awards programme has experienced an incredible year-on-year growth in audience reach and consumer participation.

Enlightened travel and tourism enterprises have also been quick to identify the benefits of competing for a British Travel Award, identifying the accolade as the recognised benchmark of excellence and a positive influence on growing their business.

Independence and integrity throughout

We are a proudly independent organisation. Unlike other travel awards, we have no stakeholder ties or affiliations to any travel companies or travel industry publications - where public perception believes the results are all too often influenced by panels of travel industry pundits and the winners determined by the size of their advertising budget.

The British Travel Awards is funded by the registration fees, event ticket receipts and the patronage of sponsors who have identified the ROI from increased brand visibility and sales opportunities as our consumer and trade audience grows exponentially year-on-year.

The voting process is completely transparent with the winners determined solely by the number of votes they receive from the UK public. And, integrity of the voting system is assured with all procedures and results scrutinised and verified by professional business consultants Deloitte.

The mark of excellence

Our years of acting as arbiter of public opinion on travel industry performance have established the British Travel Awards winner logo as the recognised "Mark of Excellence".

The award categories span all types of holiday experience - destinations, cruise, transport, accommodation, holiday extras and customer service. Potential customers look out for the British Travel Awards status logo when shopping or browsing the internet for their next holiday or travel arrangements.

Successful companies can proudly display their British Travel Awards logo on their websites, advertisements, brochures and point of sale as they have been voted for by their most fastidious critics - their customers.

Winning a British Travel Award will positively influence consumer decision making as your company will be acknowledged as, quite simply... the best at your business!