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BTA Connect

BTA Connect is our weekly online paper, delivered every Sunday morning to the inbox of subscribed readers and available via our Twitter page

We review web content published by nominee companies and Mirror travel journalists during the week prior to publication; then include articles and videos considered to inspire and assist consumers with their leisure travel plans. Content is presented in a newspaper style format which links back to the nominee’s source web page.

  • April - November issues feature content from nominee companies
  • December - March issues feature content from the top three category winners in the British Travel Award.

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Our database of over 1 million subscribed past voters is not shared or sold to any third parties. Up to four sponsored e-newsletters are sent to this receptive group of leisure travellers during the voting cycle.

Delivered under the British Travel Awards banner, we invite past voters to participate this year, provide them with details of the awards, updates on the cache of goodies in the voters prize draw and, of course… a message from the email’s sponsor!

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