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backyourbrandMedia Campaign

Your opportunity to build on our success

This year we are committing the equivalent of £500,000 to media promotions and voter incentives to encourage even more consumer participation. In-house activity will include communications on our social networks with links to articles on our News Zone website. E-newsletters during the voting cycle to over 310,000 past voters and a regular round-up of leisure travel news and offers from our media partners and this year's nominees in our weekly online paper BTA Connect.

So, we'll give travel companies and UK tourism stakeholders who have registered for awards category listing the audience and the promotional tools... Encouraging customers to vote for your brand is down to you.

National and regional newspapers


Throughout the voting cycle Trinity Mirror Solutions promote the British Travel Awards with editorial and
8cm x 4 column advertisements across their national and regional newspapers and companion websites.

Media, trade and professional partners

media Partner

By involving a variety of media owners, major industry names and professional bodies we address a broad public demographic via the contacts and communication channels they make available to us.

British Travel Awards voters and subscribers


We have built up an enviable database of subscribed past voters who wish to receive information from us. BTA Connect - our weekly online magazine - means we'll be engaging with them on a weekly basis.

Consumer awareness

Our media and industry partners are instrumental in establishing the British Travel Awards as the UK's largest survey of consumer opinion on the performance of holiday and travel companies and visitor attractions.

The support of our media partners enables the British Travel Awards to engage and involve a broad demographic of consumers. National and local newspapers and online content by an array of travel information providers combine in a strategic campaign between July and September to encourage the holiday buying public to vote.

By involving media owners across a variety of distribution channels we can ensure that our audience reach is unparalleled in terms of gathering comprehensive consumer opinion.