How to complete the form

  • Click on the question to reveal the categories.

  • Click on the category to reveal the listed companies

  • Click in the circle next to the company you wish to vote for (if your choice is not listed type their name in the 'Alternative answer' box - see below).

Scroll down the page and follow steps 1 to 3 for each question you wish to answer.

When you have finished scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Submit Votes' button. YOUR VOTES WILL NOT BE RECORDED UNTIL YOU CLICK THE SUBMIT VOTES BUTTON.

Alternative Answers

If your preferred company or attraction is not listed type their name in the 'Alternative answer' box. Companies that are not listed elected not to be represented in that category.

HOLIDAY ADD ONS - if your travel insurance is part of a benefit package in a subscription based bank current account please enter the name of the bank followed by "sub" e.g. Lloyds sub, Barclays sub, Santander sub etc in the alternative answer box.

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