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British Travel Awards 2015

Cast your votes for the companies and UK attractions worthy of a British Travel Award and you could win a great holiday prize.

BTAThe British Travel Awards give you the opportunity to reward travel and tourism enterprises you feel should be recognised for outstanding performance in service delivery and product offering. From 6th July until 30th September you can vote online for your preferred companies across a comprehensive range of leisure providers and holiday experiences:

  • Holiday companies
  • Cruise lines
  • Travel agencies and booking companies
  • International hotels and resorts
  • Ferries, short-sea crossings and car hire
  • Price comparison and holiday information providers
  • Holiday add on companies
  • UK/domestic holidays and attractions
  • Customer service

TravelVision 2016 survey

TravelVision 2016When you have finished voting, please complete the TravelVision 2016 survey before submitting your votes. Eminent professional services firm Deloitte LLP will use your feedback along with other data sources to compile the Deloitte Travel Consumer 2016 Report.

This report plays an essential role in assisting travel companies model their future products, price points and marketing strategy so they can offer you the holidays you want at the prices you would expect to pay.


Nominated companies

Earlier this year we invited travel and tourism enterprises to put their names forward for category listing on the voting form. 285 companies were successful meeting the required criteria in their elected categories and you can browse their entries on the nominated companies page before you register to vote. If the company you wish to vote for is not listed, you can type their name in the alternative answer box and they will be included in the final results.

Voters' prize draw

Once again we have a great cache of prizes from top travel companies. Every registered voter receives a free entry in the prize draw and your chances will be DOUBLED if you go on to complete the TravelVision survey. The lucky winners will be notified at their registered email address week commencing 12th October 2015.

Thank you

If you are a returning voter we would take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. Your contribution has helped to make the British Travel Awards the largest and most influential measure of consumer opinion on the performance of holiday and leisure travel providers in the UK. If you are a new visitor, we would like to welcome you and hope you will participate by voting for your preferred companies.

If you have any questions about voting please see our FAQ page in the news zone. If you can't find the answer send an email to and one of the team will address your query.