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Why a British Travel Awards in 2020?

Is a question we’ve been asked by a number of people both within the travel industry and from the public at large. Our research has established there is renewed consensus for consumers to begin to travel again. We have listened and decided to continue with the Awards to reflect the consumers desire to express their appreciation of their favourite travel companies.

Whether you have managed to travel this year - or whether you have received great advice, customer service on refunds or help changing a booking - your opinion counts on what is best about travel and the companies who serve you.

We’re sure you will still travel and for many of our audience it is an essential lifestyle choice. This year, so they can look to the FUTURE we are asking you to reflect on PAST holiday experiences and vote for those enterprises who have provided you with great products and service most recently.

The people working in the travel industry are still hanging in there, trying to ensure there will be great holidays and leisure products available and trusted companies to book with when the current crisis is behind us So, keep dreaming of those wonderful holidays, remember those you have already experienced and let us know who are your favourites in travel.

The consumer always has an opinion and the British Travel Awards provide an online voting platform where the best companies can be recognised by that most valuable of endorsements – the customer vote!

Lorraine Barnes Burton
Managing Director, The British Travel Awards