Trade - Lobbying Rules

Winning a British Travel Award is the most sought after accolade within the travel and tourism industry and recognised as the benchmark of excellence by consumers.

The British Travel Awards has achieved this status by constantly upgrading the security of the voting system and reaching out to a wider audience of consumer voters.

In 2015 we developed bespoke software to query the voting database and flag possible voting anomalies. Every year these reports have identified a small number of incidents where companies had “sailed close to the wind” or failed to read the small print about acceptable lobbying and voting practices.

So there is no misunderstanding, here are the key points about how to lobby for your customers’ votes.

Do lobby customers to vote for you in your elected categories.

Do promote the British Travel Awards Voter Prize Draw as an incentive for consumer participation. e.g. “Vote in the British Travel Awards for your chance to win a great prize.”
Don’t suggest in any communications that entry into the British Travel Awards Voter Prize Draw is subject to voting for your company. e.g. YOU CANNOT SAY; “Vote for us [company] for your chance to win a great prize”.
Don’t offer an independent prize or incentive, conditional upon or associated with, voting for a specific company or brand in the British Travel Awards.
If you have nominated your company, do include the link to your direct voting app in all consumer communications. This will enable your customers to register and vote for your company, in your elected categories without having to navigate the main voting form. They can then submit their votes or link to the main voting form and vote in additional categories.
Don’t engage in third-party or proxy voting.
Voter registrations originating from some intern instructed to work through a company’s customer list or out-sourced to a bot-farm will be flagged by our security software. Those votes will be void or if a blatant violation is identified the company will be disqualified.
Travel company employees are eligible to vote as they are considered as consumers of leisure travel products and services.
Preferably they should access the internet from their home address (i.e. not from a common IP address or company network) and register as an individual using their residential address and personal email address.