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About the Awards

The British Travel Awards is the largest and most influential poll of consumer opinion on the performance of leisure travel and tourism providers.

Since 2008 we have been registering public opinion and rewarding companies considered by customers as the best at their business.

Last year saw over 400,000 consumers vote for their favourite companies and brands in the 13 weeks between July and September. These were not simple positive clicks on a social media apps - but individuals who took the time to register their details and make considered judgements on the companies they believed deserving of recognition.

The British Travel Awards is recognised by consumers as the “symbol of excellence” in travel and tourism. It is more important than ever that companies keep their name in front of their customers in this uncertain climate. Companies entitled to display a BTA accreditation logo benefit from increased consumer confidence, greater market visibility and the potential for new business.

The 2020 award categories and eligibility

Voting is open to UK and non-UK residents who purchase leisure travel products and accommodation from companies operating in or offering online services to the UK market.

85 categories will feature in this year’s awards; 44 of which will be graded by company size. Details of the entry criteria can be found on the award categories page.

Independence and integrity throughout

The British Travel Awards is a proudly independent organisation. Unlike other travel awards, we have no stakeholder ties or affiliations to any travel companies or trade publications - where public perception believes the results are all too often influenced by panels of travel industry pundits and the winners determined by the leverage of their advertising budget.

The British Travel Awards is funded by the nomination fees, event ticket receipts and the patronage of sponsors who have identified the benefits of increased brand visibility and sales opportunities as our trade and consumer audience grows exponentially year-on-year.