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British Travel Awards 2020 Results

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In a very difficult year for the travel industry - with the majority of people unable to enjoy holidays abroad - we asked our audience one simple question:

Thinking of holidays past and present who gets your vote?

Given the unprecedented global events of 2020 a respectable 132,665 consumers registered and voted, casting 244,248 votes across 51 award categories. Unsurprisingly, the number of voters were less than our usual poll of approximately 400,000. This year’s awards did not feature airline, cruise, ferry or hotel categories. And, with many people unable to travel this year or having more pressing issues to address, this level of response shows people still have an appetite for holidays and wanted to recognise those companies who have served them well.

The British Travel Awards remain the biggest consumer voted awards in the UK and you can confidently book with this year’s accredited companies knowing they have been chosen by their most informed critics… Their customers.

Size criteria change in four categories

In four categories, it was decided that due to the parity of vote numbers between large/medium companies and where the number of large company contenders did not meet the requisite minimum number of entry brands, the medium size and large size companies would be combined to create a single sector (M/L) within the category in order to ensure competition and allow the category to be included in the #BTA20 competition.

  • Best Luxury Holiday Company
  • Best Holiday Company to Australasia
  • Best Holiday Company to Southeast Asia
  • Best Holiday Company to the Indian Ocean

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From the results pages click on the accreditation logo of interest. This will open the company’s webpage most relevent to that award category. While you’re on their site take the time to refine your search by exploring more specific interests and take a look at their deals and alternative itineraries.